OverSuite has been designed with the sole purpose to solve the engagement letter pain point for accounting & bookkeeping businesses.

Discover how we came to learn the industry needed a SMART engagement letter solution like OverSuite...


Watch these valuable videos from our experts to highlight the mistakes you may be making in your accountancy firm. 

Are you sitting on a “time” bomb? 02:50

If someone told you they’re taking 250 hours of your time, you have no choice in it, they’re not going to pay you for it… and it’s going to be highly stressful… wouldn’t that feel like a time bomb hanging over your head?

What is the challenge with using engagement letter templates? 01:17

Tailoring your letters of engagement isn’t a simple tick box exercise and making sure they are relevant to each client that you’re providing a service for is laborious, but it doesn’t need to be.

Why your engagement letters need to be clear & easy to understand 01:32

Are you overcomplicating your engagement letters out of fear of not being fully protected? They are robust and abundant in the correct terminology, but are they clear and easy to understand?

A mistake accountants make with their engagement letters 01:29

Through years of working with accountants, we’ve identified key mistakes accounting and bookkeeping practices make with their engagement letters time and time again.

Why is OverSuite so important? 02:58

Our leading compliance expert Valerie Steward shares how you can transform your engagement letter process with OverSuite.


These are longer videos with more substantial content from our live webinar events. 

Risk is all around us: Discover the force of engagement letters in the accounting industry

Danielle & Jo share the numerous risks accountants and bookkeepers face in this industry and why a robust engagement letter is the key to protect you.

Unlock the true potential from your client relationships

Jack & Valerie explain why you should see your engagement letters through the lens of opportunity, as well as the lens of risk.

Bridge the Compliance Gap: Engagement letters made easy

Listen to James & Levi teach you how you can transform your engagement letter process to fully protect yourself, your team and your business.

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