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OverSuite is the only compliance solution with built-in guidance from experts at every touch point, to empower our users every step of the way.

Gavin Spencer – Beach Accountants

Hear how OverSuite has helped Gavin to empower Team Beach and elevate their entire engagement letter process.

Jo Wood – The 6 Figure Bookkeeper Ltd

Hear a real anecdote of how Jo’s letter of engagement produced by OverSuite ensured she and her firm were fully protected, preventing them from losing money.

OverSuite is one of the best investments you'll ever make."

Having OverSuite in the business gives me complete peace of mind that the paperwork that we're sending out and that we're operating under and within is right. In our team, everybody produces letters of engagement and we all know that they can produce those with confidence that they're fully covered and they're not putting themselves or the firm in any sort of potential harm's way. The set-up was a seamless process as the OverSuite Wizard made it incredibly easy to do.

Phil Ellerby | Managing Director

Be compliant with EVERY client engagement